Planning For A Wedding

Wet Wedding Photo (002)

Getting married is, of course, a huge occasion. To make it great, or just the way you want, it often requires a lot of planning. Hey, there is a profession called ‘wedding planning’ after all so it must involve a lot of work and isn’t always easy.

Some of the things you need to organise and choose are invitations, flowers, catering, locations, celebrants, guest lists, wedding celebrant, wedding photographer, transport, often a wedding limousine or other fancy car, wedding dress, accommodation and they are just the obvious ones.

Here are some tips about choosing different services and how you may prioritise from a time and money point of view.


You might need to have more than one location. Most weddings these day either happen in a church or outdoors. If you would like to be married in a church, then it is important to book as far in advance as possible. There are only so many churches so this should be one of the first things you organise, before printing wedding invitations with an address you can’t be at printed on them.

If you want an outside wedding, it might be away to cut down on expenses as many outdoor areas may be free. Of course, you need a plan B in case of the weather, and you should have a way to ensure you get first access to the space you want. One of the most memorable weddings I have been to, was outside in Fairfield, where the rain came down, the champagne glasses filled with rain and everyone laughed so much. Unforgettable.

Wedding Photographer

This one can be difficult to choose if you do not know somebody already. There are different types of photographers, but I think the best thing to do is go with one that makes you feel comfortable. Some photographers will make more formal photos for you, while others can be more creative and artistic, such as this wedding photographer in Adelaide.

The cost is a consideration, but if you get great photos, compared to average, the difference in price for a better photographer will not matter to you.

Wedding Invitations

Many people make them too complicated with lots of fonts and colour. My experience shows simple is best. It is fine to get foil, wood or metallic invites, but don’t make them too busy. You can order quality wedding invitations online, from a store that will print them and send them to you. They often have templates you can edit and experienced staff that can help you not go over the top. Here is one place you can also save when you shop around.

Wedding Limousine

I know it is our business, but a good limousine driver can make all the difference to your day. Before the marriage ceremony things can be very hectic. People can be late, stressed, worried, panicking. We have seen it all. Roads can be closed, there can be heavy traffic, the weather can be nasty. An experienced limo driver can help keep family, friends and most of all the bride calm and grounded in her experience.

On the day will you appreciate bling and over the top colours, or a sophisticated, comfortable car. We recommend a limousine hire company that owns its own cars too. This can prevent the possibility of a car not turning up, or the limo arriving and it is not the one you ordered.

The Celebrant

Choosing an appropriate celebrant can also make all the difference on your wedding day. You also need to make sure they understand the atmosphere you want them to create. The celebrant can set the tone for whether it is a light-hearted affair through to formal. A nervous dad giving away his daughter won’t appreciate a joke being made about his shoes.

Enjoy it. Don’t take it too serious. And hopefully you only get married once.