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Funeral Limo Hire Melbourne

The Funeral Limo Hire service is something we have been doing for many years in Melbourne. We have earned the reputation as a well-mannered, sensitive and professional funeral limo hire in Melbourne.

We offer beautiful and defect-free limo to honour the deceased with a ceremonial procession and limos for the family members, relatives and friends of the departed. Limousines are the premium luxury 10 seater Chrysler 300C and are offered in BLACK or SILVER in colour. Our Chauffeurs are well informed and experienced in funeral services. They have the utmost respect and sensitivity for the occasion.  Our Chauffeurs will wear their formal funeral black suit with black tie and a white shirt tucked in properly and neatly.

Funeral Limo Service

The funeral service is usually standard – as the transport is between home to the location of the funeral service, followed by the burial site and the refreshment venue. However, if you wish to have any other items to the service, we can definitely cater it for you.

All our funeral limos also come with bottles of water and tissue papers.

Why hire a Funeral Limousine?

Most people hire a funeral limo for two (2) reasons: –

  1. Our limos can fit up to 10 people comfortably, so close family members and relatives can be together in this difficult time and not be having to worry to drive and find parking at the funeral service and burial site.
  2. To honour the deceased with a limo funeral procession.

We do Special Arrangements

Tell us your requirements for your funeral service, or inform your funeral agent/director, we want to make sure that the funeral service is carried out smoothly, conveniently and send off the deceased in a ceremonious way.

Call us today on 03 9484 3999, to make the funeral limo arrangement or inform your funeral agent so they can make the necessary arrangements. Alternatively, you can fill in the contact form