Wedding Rehearsal and Bridal Showers

Wedding rehearsal and bridal showers are two very important events that must be done prior the wedding celebration. As part of tradition, these two are done to bond the bride and groom’s families and friends. It is the best time for the two parties to get acquainted and be comfortable with each other’s presence before the big day comes. Here are helpful ideas that we want to share in order for you to pull off a perfect wedding dinner rehearsal, bridal shower or others call it wedding ceremony rehearsal.

Wedding Ceremony Rehearsals and Dinner

If you are planning to have the wedding ceremony rehearsals first make sure to do the following:

  1. Introductions

Introductions must be done by the planner before the rehearsal begins. Confirm from the bride and groom if everyone has arrived in the area and start by introducing the guests to each other (TIP: it would help if your planner is someone who really knows the bride and groom and their families).

  1. Discuss the Program

It is important that you discuss the program to the entourage to give them a full idea of what will take place during the big day and give them a copy of the program if possible. Include the set up of the area and let them know of the call time so that everyone will be in their places before the wedding starts.

  1. Processional

Line up everyone included in the entourage, the officiant, the bride and groom and their parents. Advise them to wait for your cue whenever it’s their turn to march.

  1. Ceremony

The officiant will do a run through of the entire ceremony giving everyone a glimpse of big day.

  1. Recessional

After the ceremony, the officiant will now introduce the bride and groom as husband and wife. Just like how everybody came in, they will also go out the same way but in an opposite order this time. When the entourage is done doing the recessional march, the guests are expected to follow for the next program.

After the wedding rehearsals, make the announcement about the rehearsal dinner.

Planning the Bridal Shower

Planning a successful bridal shower takes a team to make every intricate detail work. If you are the bride’s sister, best friend or bridesmaid get ready to make this once in a lifetime event a memorable one for the bride to be.

  1. Seek Help

They say it takes two to tango but it takes everybody to make it work. Call everyone part of the entourage or family members so you could divide the work load and expenses for this event. Have each of them take a role they can be responsible for to avoid stress on your part. We’re pretty sure the bride will feel the love.

  1. Ask the Bride Always

Unless this is a surprise bridal shower party, it is the bride’s right to know who she will expect on the day of her bridal shower. Consult with the bride about the guest list, food, decorations and activities. If you are planning to surprise her, always ask the people closest to the bride for preferences and approval.

  1. Invitation

Go ahead and send out invitations and include an RSVP so you know how many people to expect. Include the date, time and place. Inform the guests what to wear; will it be a costume party? Or are you going to follow a certain theme?

  1. Activities and Tokens

Make the games simple and fun, there’s no need to complicate a bridal shower. Have everyone enjoy this time and make it a memorable one for the bride by giving away tokens or gifts for each guest.

The bride can do send her ‘thank you’ note later on when she’s no longer busy from the event that will take place. What matters most is the time spent with the bride and the effort her guests put in to make the bridal shower an event they will all remember forever.